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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Lilac Box


Are you an urban, social media, tech-savvy, 20-40 years old woman, 
with interest in beauty and cosmetics products & most importantly you are someone who interest in 'flirting' with & 'dating' 'premium'?

Well, if your answer is "YES!", then you should not missed out something 'premium' in town SOON --->

thelilacbox in 8 words:
“For Beauty Lovers: Blind Date In A Box”

The Lilac Box is an online subscription-based sampling programme founded by three guys &
which will be launched at February 2013 (Valentine's Day Special).
The name - "The Lilac Box" was chosen because it is shorter then "The Lavender Box".

The Lilac Box will let their subscriber who pay RM35.00 a month for a box 
(enjoy saving when subscribe for 3 or 6 month) 
to discover and experience 4 or 5 handpicked different  
beauty & cosmetic products every month via samples and also 
allow them to buy the full-size products at a huge discount if they like what they have tried.

What is more is many products in The Lilac Box are newly launched products  &
subscribers will earn points when they submit product
reviews, which entitle them to a free box.

To date, brands with them include: -
By now, i believe some of yours heart can be 'itchy' and want to know more about it ...

Well, you may register your interest with them at The Lilac Box ( by simply filling in your e-mail address and  receive a free surprise gift from 
Burberry Beauty, Chloé or Calvin Klein.

Alright, till here i will end my post 


  1. I just found out about beauty boxes like less than a month ago. The first box I heard of was Wonder Box...while researching more info about it I stumbled upon more beauty boxes available in the market (ie. Cosmobox, Mivva, Modbox). Never heard of The Lilac Box until I saw it in your blog. Thanks for the info :)

    1. Dear snowmint,

      You are welcome and since thelilacbox claims it will only contains premium brands, i am pretty looking forward for its launched.

      Besides, I am here wishing you time to enjoy the simple pleasures of this holiday season... :)


    2. I am drawn to their claims that it will only contain premium brands...haha. Now wondering whether should I try out their Valentine's special box or not :)

    3. Dear snowmint,

      I am sorry that i couldn't advise you further as to should you subscribe to their Valentine Day's special box or not.

      This is because by far i have not seen the box contains yet but by looking to the list of the brands with them to date,
      i believe their first box can be something nice.

      Oh ya, don't forget to register yourself at The Lilac Box ( by simply filling in your e-mail address and receive a free surprise gift from Burberry Beauty, Chloé or Calvin Klein.


    4. Dear Misha,

      No worries. I know they are new in the market and it's a blind date with Lilac box so all of us wouldn't know what's in it until it is released...haha.

      Yea, I've registered at The Lilac Box and gotten the free surprise gift and love it :)