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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Review: TANGLE TEEZER (Original Hot Pink)

How all ya have been?
I hope you all are fine.

Today i am here to share with you my experience with the world famous detangle brush --->
(Original Hot Pink)

TANGLE TEEZER (Original Hot Pink)
First ... Love the hot pink colour as it make my life more lively!

TANGLE TEEZER (Original Hot Pink)
is nice to hold in hand and easy to use because 
it came in a special design shape which will just fit into your palm nicely.
However, it can be a bit slippery when it come into contact with shampoo/conditioner & for this part i am thinking maybe a little bit of rubber instead of the whole plastic top design will be better.

TANGLE TEEZER (Original Hot Pink)

Well, I used to hate to wash my hair because ...
the amount of time (30 minutes) i spent just to detangle my hair in the bathrooom 
is definately long enough for me to 
finish a 3 course meal or read 10-12 pages of a novel book.
Besides, when i detangled my hair with my fingers, it hurts!

Now, things change, because ... i have finally met
which is suitable to use on wet or dry hair
  it has surprised me with how it glided through those tangles without tugging.

TANGLE TEEZER (Original Hot Pink)
can be used together with shampoo/conditioner.
By combing/brushing through, 
the hair care products will spread evenly throughout the hair.

When TANGLE TEEZER is used alone without other hair care products on my dry hair, 
again, it delivers impressive result in detangling my messed up hair.

In short, 
this tool is just amazing especially to be used on wet hair as it detangle my hair efforlessly & painlessly. 
I also notice i have less hairfall by using this product probably because i can now avoid and skip the 'hair pull regime' to get rid from those tangles and knots.

Lastly, for those who are interested in getting yourself one, you may get it from
of course you may feel free to use my affiliate link,
which will entitle you for a 15% off at the checkout.

Alright, i will end my post here