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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Review: MAX FACTOR Limited Edition nailfinity (BOJI)

Stay strong!
There is only 1 more day to go before the weekend here!

Anyway, today i going to share with you all a way to distress yourself 
basically this is a post from me specially dedicated to all working lady & full time mum 
who are always busy and no time to take good care of themselves.

Whenever i feel tension/stress up with the hectic lifestyle, i will opt for a manicure.
Well, i don't go to a nail art boutique or salon for it but i enjoy and prefer to do it at home by myself.

I am a pretty impatient person and i don't like wasting time, 
fighting with time seems to be my full time job.
Nail varnish i go for must be long lasting, great in pigmentation & has excellent drying speed, 
a good example will be --->
MAX FACTOR Limited Edition nailfinity (BOJI).

MAX FACTOR Limited Edition nailfinity (BOJI)

MAX FACTOR Limited Edition nailfinity (BOJI)
is a colour suitable for any age and any group of people to wear to any occasion.

The colour can easily match with any outfit of the day.
If you are wearing a plain T and jeans then of course you can just wear this colour plain.

MAX FACTOR Limited Edition nailfinity (BOJI)

If you think that you want to go more elegant & feminine with this colour,
then you may just add on some flowers or stones to make your nails 'shine' out in the crowd.

MAX FACTOR Limited Edition nailfinity (BOJI)

Lastly, thanks for reading & i hope you all enjoy your lunch ... 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Review: WONDERBOX (February 2013)

Yes, my current mood is HAPPY, 
but what make me happy?

Is it because we are now entered the mid-week or maybe something more than that?

Well, if you have been followed up my blog for quite some time, 
then i guess it is easy for you guys to guess it right 

The answer is  - monthly beauty surprise box and today the one i am going to talk about is ...

I received WONDERBOX (February 2013) yesterday & 
by far WONDERBOX has never disappointed me, at least till now.

WONDERBOX (February 2013)

Monthly WONDERBOX has always include a sort of welcome & thank you card in the box.
When i flippeed open the card, what 'popped' out in front of my eyes is the products description.

WONDERBOX (February 2013)

Besides the above mentioned card, this month WONDERBOX has included another piece of card inside the box and this is important for WONDERBOX subscribers.
It is about how you can earn and redeem goodies with WonderPoints.

WONDERBOX (February 2013)

Alright, now, i shall let you guys wait no more and heading straight to reveal the contents of this month WONDERBOX.

I have received products from 3 different brands in my box, namely, 
Murad, H2O+ & Jacqueline Burchell.
(Please note that some of you might not found the same contents in your box from mine.)

WONDERBOX (February 2013)

Murad VITALIC T-Zone Pore Refining Gel (Left)
Retail price: RM 228/50ML
"Clears pores while balancing oily and dry zones, visibly reduces pore size for a flawless complexion. 
Tips: Apply gel after toning and follow-up with moisturizer after application to prevent dryness. Apply evenly over area of skin with large pores"

Murad Energizing Pomergranate Moisturizer (Right)
Retail price: RM 180/50ML
"Lightweight, oil-free moisturizer infuses skin with hydration and protects against UVA/UVB rays."

Murad RM30 Gift Voucher (Bottom)

WONDERBOX (February 2013)

H2O+ Marine Toner (Left)
Retail price: RM 99/200ML
"Revitalizing, alcohol-free toner that sweeps away impurities while improving moisture absorption. With Allantoin, Provitamin B and Hydrating Marine Blend"

H20+ OasisTM Dual-Action Exfoliating Cleanser (Right)
Retail price: RM 99/120ML
"Deeply cleaanse and revitalize skin with this gently refining, oil-free formula. Made with natural fruit enzymes, jojoba beads, and moisturizing marine botanicals."

WONDERBOX (February 2013)

Jacqueline Burchell Nail Lacquer
Retail price: SGD 9 (RM22)/5ML
"With over 250 nail lacquer colours to choose from, Jacqueline Burchell nail lacquer will bring out the colour in your life. Certified to be free of Toluene, Formaldehyde & Dibutyl phthalate"


These are all what i got from WONDERBOX (February 2013)
  if it happened to you that you are actually thinking of getting yourself WONDERBOX after reading this, please use my affiliate link for subscription and it is as follows:- 

WONDERBOX (February 2013)

I hope to see you all here again

Monday, 25 February 2013

Review: modbox (February 2013)

Yesterday was monday and today is Tuesday, 
we are still at the beginning of a new week, 
there are still three more days to go before the lovely weekend here.

Well, C'est la vie (Meaning: This is life.) ...

Anyway, today what i am going to share with you all is about modbox (February 2013).

I received this box yesterday and after checking out the contents of the box, 
what can i tell you is ....
it saved me from continue having monday blue!!!

modbox (February 2013)

A greeting card from modbox can be found from the box
as usual at the back of the card is a page full of products description.
(P/S: modbox (February 2013) subscribers, don't forget to post a product review on your blog or rate 3 products on modshop,  you will receive a mystery gift in your next modbox by doing so.)

modbox (February 2013)

modbox (February 2013)

 Are you already curious to know how it saved me from monday blue?

If you are, then i am going to reveal the 'secret' to you now--->
It brightened up my day with one deluxe & four full sized products in the box.

 Products included are:- 

SHAiRE London | Silk Classic Collection Hair Perfume (Dry Shampoo)
RM35.90 / 60ML
"This is THE ultimate all-in-one hair product! Great for in between washes, it cleanses, conditions and revitalizes your hair, and repairs and strengthens hair roots - all in one nifty little bottle. Spray on both hair and scalp, and trust us, you'll love how soft and silky your hair feels after."

Perkins | Nail Wrap
RM39.90 / 20 strips
per pack
"Can't find the time for a mani-pedi? Don't let that deter you from having fabulous and stylish nails! Perkins Nail Wrap is a super easy way to sport glamorous nails in an instant - just peel, apply and file!"

Juice Beauty | Cleansing Gel
 RM115 / 200ml
"Brighten ! Lighten ! Tighten ! Isn't that what we all want? Now, we can have all that for our skin with this brightening cleanser which results in a more refined complexion with its antioxidant-rich organic lemon, apple and purifying botanicals properties."

Essence | Smokey Eyes Set (04 Show Off)
RM11.90 / 3g
"Smokey eyes just got easier! This handy set comes with a cream eyeliner that can be used as a base, a powder eyeshadow plus a dual-ended applicator. Definitely on our must-have list for a night out!"

Essence | XXXL Nudes Lipgloss (05 Forever Rose)
RM9.90 / 5ml
"The ultimate shine for your lips! Keep your lips shimmery and moisturised with Vitamin E and Panthenol without leaving behind a sticky feeling." 

modbox (February 2013)
 is definately worth for money and i do really enjoy being pampered by it.

modbox (February 2013)
If anyone going to ask me will i subscribe to modbox again, 
then i am here 100% sure telling you the answer is ...

Review: MIVVA (February 2013)

How ya doing?
I hope you all are GREAT!

As most of us know yesterday was "CHAP GOH MEH" & 
since it was also a chinese version Valentine's Day, 
i have unboxed my last Valentine's theme beauty surprise box!

It is from  ---> MIVVA.

MIVVA (February 2013)

MIVVA is still pretty new in town so I am not sure how many of you have heard about MIVVA
but for those who have got their MIVVA box before, 
i am sure you already knew how great the contents of their 1st box was & may decided to subscribe again.

MIVVA (December 2012)

By the way, if you have no idea what MIVVA is, 
you may check out my post with the title:-
MIVVA BeautyBox Invitation Code 

Alrgiht, i think it's about time to reveal the contents of
Valentine's Theme Beauty Surprise Box,
"LOVE IS IN the air".

MIVVA (February 2013)

I like this greeting card, particularly to the meaningful sentences in green found from another side of this card.

MIVVA (February 2013)

There is a product description came along but a person like me who enjoy surprises, i always skip it.
but, of course, will read it later.

MIVVA (February 2013)

Murad RM30 Gift Voucher and Murad Product Guide are part of the items included in the box.

RM16.50 for 7.5ml
"An antioxidant-rich, weekly treatment that restores, revitalizes, and balances the skin. Murad Pomegranate Mask Provides instant, intensive smoothing and hydrating benefits. Each single-dose treatment dissolves dull and dry skin creating a complexion that is fresh, clear, smooth, and bright."

Next, a product from tns Skinlab and a pamphet.

RM69 for 250 ml / RM103 for 450 ml
"A light and freshly scented natural whip with Shea Butter, Cocao Butter, Grapseed & Chamomile extracts, to moisturise and nourish your body every morning and night. This feather-light, non-oily and non-sticky body ship will leave your skin feeling hydrated, smooth and refreshed. An all-time favourite with our customers, and most suitable for the hot & humid summer climate."

Also, there are two full sized beauty products included in this month MIVVA beauty surprise box-

 RM49.90 for 120 ml
"Contains Gentiana Lutea Root Extract and Black Pearl Extract to ensure optimal skin condition. NMF Sodium PCA and Hyaluronic Acid to retain up to 6000 times of their weight in water to keep you skin continuously hydrated adn seal in moisture to defend against outside influences. Vitamin B3 can hinder transformation of melanin and minimize the amount of melanin to keep you skin fair and bright."

RM79.00 for 3.5 g
"A lovely variety of matte shades made with LevensESSENTIE Gold (a 100 years old, time tested, holistic extract made from 22 certified organic herbs) and natural plant oils for extra moisture, without chemicals. Free from artificial colours and chemical dyes. For added moisture and prolonged wear use Paul Penders Lip Gloss after application. Available in 9 delicious shades."

Maybe MIVVA understand most ladies will be on a short trip with their partner during Valentine's Day, so, SKIN79 WHITE REVIVING MINIATURE which is convenience to bring along has been included.

.SOLUTION RM90 for 30 ml | SOFTENER RM67 for 150 ml | EMULSION RM72 for 150 ml
"It give caring clean & clear skin by improves dull surface of the skin, and contains international patented that soothes the skin which has been exposed to the environmental aggressors. It also helps to revive your elastic and healthy skin."

Since it is a Valentine's theme beauty surprise box,
something taste sweet and stuff which gonna make you look sweet have also been included ...
a flower hair clip and a row of sweet sweet marshmallow.

MIVVA ( February 2013)

After seeing all these, 
i think what make MIVVA fans more excited is the content of MIVVA Angpaos which will entitle those who snap a picture with their BFF holding the MIVVA Angpaos to claim for MIVVA Points. 

MIVVA (February 2013)

MIVVA (February 2013)

MIVVA (February 2013)
MIVVA monthly beauty surprise box is currently pricing at only RM38.00 for each 
if you are thinking of getting one for yourself or your love one ...

Hurry up!
They have limited boxes for each month!!!

How to get MIVVA? --->
Hop over to and key in the Invitation Code: 'DiscoverMIVVA'
& please use my referral link and help me to claim my free MIVVA Box!


 Thanks for reading 

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Review: models own (Beach Party HK01 Nail Polish)


Well, just in case you have started to scratch your head and thinking what is 'CHAP GOH MEH', 
no worries, i am here ready to give a very brief and short intro as to what that is.

 'CHAP GOH MEH' is a festival celebrated on the fifteenth night of Chinese New Year, 
the last day of lunar new year celebration.
In certain region or countries, it is also a Chinese version Valentine's Day.
In order to celebrate the last day of Chinese New Year, 
i have decided to wear a bright colour nail polish in ORANGE rather than the common colour - RED.

Nail varnish i am wearing now is ... ...
 models own (Beach Party HK01 Nail Polish).

models own (Beach Party HK01 Nail Polish)

 models own (Beach Party HK01 Nail Polish)
 is a pretty good product and basically i am in love with it for two reasons.

It is very highly pigmented.  
A maximum of two coats is what you need to get the colour shown from the bottle.

Secondly, its drying speed is amazing.
This is definately something an impatient person or person always is a rush can go for.

Now, after sharing with you all the reasons why this product have won my heart,
i think it's time for me to go and i hope you all have a ...
*Lovely Sunday & Happy Chap Goh Meh *

models own (Beach Party HK01 Nail Polish)

Lastly, if you are interested in getting yourself one, you may get it from
of course you may feel free to use my affiliate link,
which will entitle you for a 15% off at the checkout.