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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Review: models own (Beach Party HK01 Nail Polish)


Well, just in case you have started to scratch your head and thinking what is 'CHAP GOH MEH', 
no worries, i am here ready to give a very brief and short intro as to what that is.

 'CHAP GOH MEH' is a festival celebrated on the fifteenth night of Chinese New Year, 
the last day of lunar new year celebration.
In certain region or countries, it is also a Chinese version Valentine's Day.
In order to celebrate the last day of Chinese New Year, 
i have decided to wear a bright colour nail polish in ORANGE rather than the common colour - RED.

Nail varnish i am wearing now is ... ...
 models own (Beach Party HK01 Nail Polish).

models own (Beach Party HK01 Nail Polish)

 models own (Beach Party HK01 Nail Polish)
 is a pretty good product and basically i am in love with it for two reasons.

It is very highly pigmented.  
A maximum of two coats is what you need to get the colour shown from the bottle.

Secondly, its drying speed is amazing.
This is definately something an impatient person or person always is a rush can go for.

Now, after sharing with you all the reasons why this product have won my heart,
i think it's time for me to go and i hope you all have a ...
*Lovely Sunday & Happy Chap Goh Meh *

models own (Beach Party HK01 Nail Polish)

Lastly, if you are interested in getting yourself one, you may get it from
of course you may feel free to use my affiliate link,
which will entitle you for a 15% off at the checkout.

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