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Friday, 21 December 2012

Review: Cosmobox (December 2012)

Christmas is around the corner,
wrap and unwrap boxes is on my task list and today is no different.

Today, the first box i unwrapped is --->
Cosmobox by Box Culture

 Cosmobox came without bubble pack but the quality of the box is good and so
i believe that is why bubble wrap is not necessary.

Yes, it is now time to reveal and review ...

Once i opened the box, what i found is a lovely card from Cosmobox.
At the bottom of the card, there is a P.S which mentioned Cosmobox have specially included
 a roll of ribbon and a Christmas hair clip.

At the back of the card is a list of products.

This list is pretty important as this gave subscribers information about the products included
and a chance to check on weather they has been provided with all the products of the month.

There is also a black file which kept all the bookmark, booklets & promotion card together.

Goodies i found form this month Cosmobox includes:-

benefit they're Real! Mascara
Guess what?
The benefit card shown from the picture above will entitle Cosmobox subscriber for
 free Benefit make-up lesson!

*Bisou* Bon Bon First-Aid Salve
  • Yadah Vitamin Toner
  • Yadah Vitamin Emulsion
  • Yadah Sun Cream SPF40 PA++
  • Yadah Angel BB Cream SPF20 PA++
 Inside the cute YADAH pouch, there is another promotion voucher found!

  • Sebastian Light Shampoo
  • Sebastian Light Conditioner
  • Sebastian Hydre Treatment

Monthly Cosmobox is pricing at RM33.00 for each
and if you are interested in it you may check it out at

Well, my post for today is now coming to an end & i wish you have a lovely weekend ...

Beside, if i survive 21.12.2012 then probably i will see ya here again soon ...


  1. Dear Misha,

    I have just opened my Dec edition Cosmobox on Christmas day and I received the same samples as you did. But as it was my first beauty box and only one I was quite disappointed with it especially after seeing what other beauty boxes (ie. Wonderbox, Modbox, Mivva) has to offer in their Christmas edition box. All the others look way better than Cosmobox in my opinion >__<

    Maybe now I'll try out The Lilac Box....haha...

    1. Dear snowmint,

      Thanks for sharing and i do appreciate it, :)

      May you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!

      Cheers! :D

    2. Dear Misha,

      Happy New Year 2013 to you and your blog readers as well!!~~


    3. Dear snowmint,

      Thank you & congratulations on your winning at Christmas & New Year Giveaway run on ^.^ Sweet Scent of Life ^.^‏!!!

      May you have a GREAT day!!! :D