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Friday, 9 November 2012

Review: essence eyebrow stylist set

Hi people! 

Have you ever wonder how to achieve a look with flawless eyebrow?

Well, today i am ready to reveal one of the secrets to get that look and what you actually need is an
eyebrow powder.

For beginner i will recommend 
essence eyebrow stylist set
for you to do your 'experiments' before you move on to some highend brands.

essence eyebrow stylist set

essence eyebrow stylist set
This set contains:-
  • one intruction guide,
  • two eyebrow shadows,
  • one brush &
  • three different eyebrow stencils.
essence eyebrow stylist set

For some of you who are not sure how to have a kick start, you may refer to the instruction guide provided.

essence eyebrow stylist set

However, to help you more i decide to share some of my secret ways in using eyebrow powder:-
  • In order to decide which eyebrow stencil is suitable for you, you may try to look for the one according to your face shape.
  • After you have decided which eyebrow stencils to use, you can move on to shape your eyebrow with an eyebrow pencils.
(Choose an eyebrow pencil with the colour match or closer to your hair colour.) 
  • Then, you trimmed away the wild growing hair which grows outside the shape.
  • Next, you fill in the brow with an eyebrow pencils and you might have to use your own eyebrow brush to brush the brow later.
  • After all these steps, you can now try to fill in and define your eyebrow with the eyebrow powder which suitable for you by using the brush provided.
Below, i will show you the different types of eyebrow which can be created by
using the eyebrow stencils provided:-

essence eyebrow stylist set

For those of you who are concern about what are the ingredients contain in these eyebrow powders,
here you go --->

essence eyebrow stylist set

Alright, here i end my review post and i wish you all a great & happy weekend!


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