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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Wacoal " Love Your Breasts Workshop"

I love Wacoal Malaysia for a reason:-
 They are definately not only a lingerie brand but they are a brand with heard that care for consumer!

In year 2011, Wacoal Malaysia launched the PINK RIBBON CAMPAIGN in 1 Utama which aims to promote the awareness of breast cancer to all walks of life and this year they are having Pink Ribbon promotion & " Love Your Breasts Workshop" throughout this October month.
Pink Ribbon Promotion (from 1st October 2012 till 31st October 2012) entitles Wacoal customer to have a RM30.00 off on next purchase when they purchase RM150.00 and above on Wacoal Normal Merchandise while for those who spend RM80.00 and above on normal merchandise will entitle for RM12.00 off on next purchase.

Today i will be sharing with you my experience from attending " Love Your Breasts Workshop" which held at Parkson, 1 Utama, last Friday.

Registration happened at this pink counter.
Wacoal  " Love Your Breasts Workshop"
At here i filled up my registration form and from the registration form, get my lucky draw number and an envolepe with RM50.00 redemption coupon in.
Wacoal  " Love Your Breasts Workshop"
After registration, guests will proceed to have their refreshment.
Looks! It was a nice refreshment with healthy juice, O'Briens sandwiches & cute pastry!
Wacoal  " Love Your Breasts Workshop"

First was a talk from ASSUNTA Hospital staff who shared her knowlege regarding breast cancer, showed us how to have self examintion every month and for your information ASSUNTA hospital they are now having promotion for breast cancer check up.
Wacoal  " Love Your Breasts Workshop"

Follow up was Wacoal staff who told the proper way to wear & take care of bras.
Wacoal staff also shared with us that the different Wacoal bra designs came with different function & even some can help in correcting the posture of sitting for a healthy back.

Besides, there was a board to let you 'KNOW YOUR SHAPE'.
Wacoal  " Love Your Breasts Workshop"

When the talk have ended up with Questions and Answers, guests can now proceed to fitting consultation where they will be assisted by Wacoal friendly and experience staff to find out what is best and suitable for them.

Wacoal  " Love Your Breasts Workshop"

When everyone is done with their fitting consultaion then there was a lucky draw session, one lucky winner for each session.

At the end of the session, each participants for the day walked away with a goodie bag worth RM100.00.
Wacoal  " Love Your Breasts Workshop"

If you have missed the " Love Your Breasts Workshop" which held at 1 Utama then don't be sad, there is still a chance for you to join it at SOGO, Kuala Lumpur or Parkson Gurney Plaza.

I think this is a useful workshop and i will suggest that don't missed this great opportunity to join, know & care for yourself better than today!

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