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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Review: LipIce Limited Editon Fruity Balm (Lychee)

On 24th May 2012, lipIce Malaysia Facebook reached 100k fans and they also kindly given out their Limited Edition lipIce Fruity Flavor for the first 20 fans who sent in an e-mail shared with them what is their favourite product/favour they like best and reason they like it!

Horray! I am glad that i was one of the first 20 fans who did that!

Today - 12th June 2012, i received this Limited Edition product which is in lychee favour!

lipIce Limited Edition Fruity Balm - Lychee
Before i started my review, i must first thanks to lipIce since they have being very thoughful to their fans because they send it in a courier rather then normal post which we know that the item can be easily 
missing or being stolen!

It's time to review the Limited Edition lychee lipbalm!

lipIce Limited Edition Fruity Balm - Lychee
lipIce Limited Edition Fruity Balm - Lychee

Yes, it is in a well seal packaging, hygience test pass! 
                          Design of the packaging - It is sweet, cute, fun and in a fashionable way!

       Once i removed the cap and took a deep breath, what i smell from it is a sweet scent of lychee!
lipIce Limited Edition Fruity Balm - Lychee

This product contains sunscreen protectant (SPF 15) which manage to give us protection against 
harmful sunray!

lipIce Limited Edition Fruity Balm - Lychee

What i love the most about this product is its unique cooling sensation especially under the HOT weather!

After applying this lipbalm my lips keep staying under moiturising condition without feeling greasy and so i believe it can also be a good relief for those with dry chapped lips.

LipIce Fruity balm also available in 4 other variants beside this limited edition lychee favour:-


Before i end my review, one more fun things to share with you guys:-
Do you know that your personality can be revealed by choosing the favour of you lip balm? 
                                                     Intersting in knowing more about yourself?
                                     Then you may try the personality quiz here now ---> LIPICE Fruity

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