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Monday, 25 June 2012

Review: Essence Colour & Go Quick Drying Nail Polish - 78 Blue Addicted

Hello and Morning People especially to those who are having Monday Blues ...

Today i got something to share with you, something to do with blue ... 
a lovely gorgeous blue that probably turn you into an unpredictable happy blue mermaid ...

Yes! Is a blue nail painting! 
Whenever i look at it, monday can no longer bother me at all!

Curious as to how i have it:-

- Swipes your nails with your favourite dark blue nail enamel
-Wait for it to dry before you continue with the following steps
-Then now, get the secret weapon -Essence Colour & Go Quick Drying Nail Polish - 78 Blue Addicted and swipes it on

Yes, it is that easy, but do please do not forget your base and top coats.
You need a base coat to protect your nail from discolouration while top coat to prevent it from chipping soon ...

I love the nail colour i mentioned above because it is fast drying and lasts me up for at least five days without chipping. 

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