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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Review: skin Mineral Foundation SPF 15 talc-free foundation by jelly pong pong


Well, since today is a lovely Sunday, so, 
 i will have a quick & short review for 

Let us first check out the packaging of 

came in a round shape plastic container.

There is kind of a seal tape on and once it is being removed, 
you may see small holes which actually are the dispenser holes for this product.
By the way, do not remove the whole seal because
with the seal still on
 it can help to keep the product neat.

Note that
has not came along with a brush or sponge so you will need your on mineral foundation applicatior. 
is silky smooth to touch & when i applied it on my face it gave me a flawless matte complexion.
No cakey at all!

Best of the best,
and all its ingredient are not tested on animals.

For ingredients list please check out from the image below this text ...

Now, if you are thinking of getting one after reading this
i got a good news to share with you ... 
Usual Price for this product is RM79.00
 is currently having 56% off for this product,
which means now you can get it at only RM34.90.
(Remember to act fact because this good deal will end in less than 12 hours.)
Alright, till here i will end my post for today, may you all have a happy Sunday,
thank you 
& ...


  1. this is second brand I know sunscreen in powder form...I followed u back :)

    1. Dear Emily,

      Morning & thanks for followed back, :D

      May you have a lovely day, :D