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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Review: jelly pong pong lip frosting

 What's ya is up for in this windy late saturday night / early sunday morning? 

Do you still remember in my previous post - HiSHOP May Ambassador Surprise Pack,
i have mentioned in there where a review for jelly pong pong lip frosting will be up here soon?

Well, wait no more, here the time comes!

First let me share with you the packaging of

came in a rectangular partially transparent paper box.

 "Lip Frosting is formulated to coat your lips with a glossy sheen. Generously packed in a fat tube, it comes in a sheer cheery colour and is scented like a serumptious dessert."


Just like what it claims, 
being packed in a short but big fat tube.

There are a good amount of product contains in it, 
which will definately lasts for at least few months!

When the product being squeezed out from the cute fat tube, 
it is in peach towards orange colour.

After it has been applied on lips, 
 the colour will change to lovely pink.

In conclusion, 
i do like the healthy pink colour it gives to my lips whenever i used it
what attract me to use it also include the sweet smell from the product which remind me of cute cupcakes.

If you are interest in this product & wondering what is the ingredients then you may check it out below ...

If you are thinking of getting yourself one, 
then ...
i got a good news to share with you ... 

Usual Price for this product is RM60.00
 is currently having 50% off for this product,
which means now you can get it at only RM29.90.
(Remember to act fact because this good deal will end in less than 24 hours.)

Alright, till here i will end my post for today, may you all have a good weekend,
thank you & bye bye!


  1. It look so cute ♥♥♥♥awwww♥♥♥
    Did you feel like "cooling" when apply it on the lips??
    I haven't receive the parcel from the postman =(
    hope will get to try this too

    1. Dear Trislynn,

      Yes, it came in a cute, short & fat packaging and to answer your question ... sadly no, there was no cooling sensation at all, i wish it does though ... :(

      I hope you will get your parcel soon and enjoy trying it out, :)

      May you have a good sunday! :)


  2. looks interesting for colour change after applying on lip. first time heard this brand...

    1. Dear Emily,

      Yes, it is kind of a little magic work, :D

      May you have a happy sunday ... :)