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Friday, 3 May 2013

Review: Candy Doll Lipstick

Have anyone one of you started to get interest in knowing more about
 Japanese beauty or fashion style after flipping through a japanese magazine?

Well, i am one of those who fell into the group of people which i just mentioned above
reason i am 'trapped' --->
Everything is just too cute!

 When it come to the word - 'cute',
there is a famous Japanese star you have to & must know.

She is no other but Tsubasa Masuwaka.

There are two things to be noted when come across her makeup ...
1st:  False Eyelashes.
2nd:  Kissable Cute Lips.

Today,  false eyelashes is not something what i am going to talk about.
What i am going to focus on are lipsticks from Candy Doll which can help to achieve her look.

there are only 3 different lipstick colors from Candy Doll available in Malaysia market, 
more coming soon though.


Candy Doll Lipstick

You may choose the lipstick according to your style of the day
depends on what impression you want to leave to other.

In which it can be  ...
Cute/Sweet - Lemonade Pink / Ramune Pink,
Natural - Apricot Beige or
Cool - Vanilla Beige.

Lemonade Pink / Ramune Pink

Candy Doll Lipstick - Lemonade Pink / Ramunue Pink

Apricot Beige

Candy Doll Lipstick - Apricot Beige

Vanilla Beige

Candy Doll Lipstick - Vanilla Beige

Among these three, my favourite color is Lemonade Pink / Ramune Pink
because it helps in achieving a sweet, innocent, dolly looks easily.

Lastly is my little tips about 'dealing / handling' with these products --->

 - If it is possible try the lipstick directly to your lips before you purchase.

- Wait a few minutes,
before you make a conclusion as to weather the colors suitable to you.

- For best result, apply lip concealer before wearing it.

Alright, i will end my post for today here


  1. the shade and lipstick are so cute! happy Friday girl!

    1. Dear Sabrina,

      Yes, they are, :D
      & I just can't wait for the new Candy Doll products to come ... :)

      May you have a good weekend, :)


  2. I tried the Apricot Beige and the color is very pigmented. However it does not matches my skin tone :(

    Anyway, I'm waiting for my order for the new 2013 released candy doll products ~! :D

    1. Dear Mizu chan,

      Wow! You are fast to order ^.^ & thanks for sharing your thought here ... :D

      May you have a good day, :)