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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Laneige Dazzling Holiday Workshop

"... Oh, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way, Oh, what fun it is ... " for me to blog about as a first time blogger during this festive season ... Laneige Dazzling Holiday Workshop, here you are! 

Laneige Malaysia hold a workshop for facebookers at Laneige Office, 16th December 2011(Friday), and one of the lucky ten who got the chance to attend the workshop - me!

I arrived around 1850 and also the first person to sign on their guest book for the event. Laneige Malaysia provided us with some sushi and sandwich (tuna and cheese) while we still waiting for others to come. 

All attendants had been requested to remove the make up on our face with the cotton pad provided, the cotton pad filled with Deep Cleansing Oil Moisture, to remove the eyes and lip make up we may used Lip & Eye Makeup Remover Waterproof. After I removed the make up, my face was neither dry or too oily but i felt the product moistured my face. Follow up, is the skin care regime, the sequence for the product used on me - Power Essential Skin Refiner _Moisture -> Balancing Emulsion _ Moisture -> Water Bank Gel Cream.

After the basic care step, I used the Make Up Primer Sebum Control to control the sebum secreation so that I can have a matte look and stay fresh. Only that as a base is not good enough as I need something to cover my face redness, so Skin Veil Base SPF 26 + (Green) came in and played the role to keep my skin stay hydrated and stay away from UV rays. For those who have more yellowish skin, is more recommended to use the Skin Veil Base SPF 26 + (Purple). Description on how to use the Snow BB Cream SPF 41 PA ++ which is one of Laneige best selling item and Snow BB Essence Balm SPF 33 PA ++ been given and for those who have oily skin is more recommended that they used Snow BB Cream SPF 33 PA ++ rather than Snow BB Essence Balm SPF 33 PA ++ because the follow once is more moisturise. Follow up, I used the Sliding Pack_Ex powder to let the makeup stayed longer, I stopped when the time I no longer felt my face was sticky.

Next, gotta move on to make up my eye brow with the Natural Brow Liner Auto Pencil, we are advisable to used the brown and stone grey colour together so brow will look more 'lively' and use the highlighter to highlight the area near the brow bone. Then continue with the Styling Romantic Eye Pallette, Styling Romantic Blusher and Styling Romantic Lip Duo to finish up the look. All these are limited edition for this 2011 festive season. The name for the Styling Romantic Lip Duo is so called 'Duo' because the lipstick and the lipgloss is in the same stick.  

The whole event ended at around 2150 and before we went back Laneige Malaysia gave each of us a goodies bag ... I know at this time you must be curios as to what is inside the goodies bag ... so... may just scroll down and have a look on the below picture to find out what is in ... >.<

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great Christmas and Merry New Year! >.<

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